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While we’re confident in our ability to enrich life for older adults through the highest possible quality of care, we know that it means more to families to hear from others who have experienced that care themselves.

We’re humbled by the numerous complimentary notes, cards, emails, and letters we receive from seniors and their families, letting us know how much they appreciate our outstanding service and how we’ve truly changed their lives for the better. We’re delighted to share just a sampling of them below to help you establish trust in our care team.

One of our primary goals as my mom has gotten older has been that she be able to remain in her home. With that in mind we had taken many different measures to ensure that she would be able to do so, including me being at the house every day at least twice a day. Our plans were working out fine, for a while. As time went on, however, it became obvious that despite all of our best efforts it just was not going to be possible for her to be completely independent. Grudgingly, we both accepted the fact that we were going to need some help.

I really had no idea exactly where to start. If you are reading this, you are doing what I started doing, going online, reading testimonials and getting recommendations from friends. But at the end of the day it seemed like it was all going to be a shot in the dark. Ultimately we were going to have to bring people (strangers really) into my mom’s home every day for multiple hours a day, and neither my mom, nor I were very happy about the idea.

That is where No Place Like Home comes in. I called them out of the blue, for no other reason than I saw the sign up on East Henrietta Rd and I thought “Why not?” That is when everything turned around for us.

From the very first phone call I was impressed. They understood the exact position that we found ourselves in and were ready to put our needs and concerns above everything else. The staff came out and met me at my mom’s home and we had a great conversation. She was very professional but at the same time, very compassionate and understanding, and she has created a business that mirrors those characteristics. Together we worked to set up a schedule of caregivers that would accommodate all of my mom’s needs.

I was amazed at how quickly No Place Like Home was able to put everything in place. My mom was returning from a hospital stay and we needed someone to start in the home that week. I thought that it would be impossible for anyone to pull that off, but they did it.

Caregiver and client's handsFrom Day 1, the No Place Like Home caregivers that have come into my mom’s home have been attentive and compassionate. They are really very special people who, when they are in the home, put my mom’s needs first. It is obvious to me that they have built a of team of quality individuals that view their time spent with my mom as more than just a job. They have gotten to know her and literally care for her. This has been an indescribable blessing for both my mom and for me.

Over the course of time my mom’s needs have changed and the team and office staff has been right on top of the “Plan of Care” that they have in place for us. It is obvious that meeting my mom’s needs is the primary focus. Knowing this puts my mind at ease. It is impossible to prepare for every possibility as your parents age, but having people in your life like the caregivers at No Place Like Home will make all the difference. When it comes right down to it, everyone wants the best for their parents, and as far as I am concerned that means you want No Place Like Home Senior Care.
T. Miller
A few months ago it became apparent to myself and my siblings that our elderly parents required more in-home assistance than what we, their children, could provide. Specifically we required overnight care. We contacted No Place Like Home and immediately they scrambled to get someone THAT NIGHT and have been providing overnight care ever since. If ever there was a situation, one of their aides noticed about either parent, the aide would leave us a note depicting her observations. It's very important to us to keep them in their home for a variety of reasons. Both are in their 90s and Dad has dementia.

In addition to the excellent care they receive, the owner has shared the benefit of her vast education in the field of dementia and geriatrics with us, giving us helpful advice as needed. We are grateful to her and No Place Like Home which allows us the priceless piece of mind knowing that Mom and Dad are in good hands.
Bernadette from Fairport
Thank you so much for all your your work you are doing with this family. I know it's above and beyond but I really appreciate all your assistance and your help.
Social Worker at Unity Geriatrics
The No Place Like Home leadership has been instrumental with training my staff and forming policies regarding dementia patients. With the leadership's knowledge and passion for dignity with dementia patients, they are people that you want in your corner advocating for a loved one.
Practice and Accounts Manager at Rochester Mobile XRay
The staff is amazing. During Covid it has been the hardest time not seeing my mother. They put me at ease. They have taken care of my mother as if she was their own mother. I received daily reports from the staff and the owner. They wanted to know my mother’s history so that they could have meaningful conversations and do activities that she truly loves. My mother feels safe. No Place Like Home Senior Care is part of our family now.
C. Bean
Top notch service…reliable and professional.
E. Leidner
Fast acting, supportive and reliable care!
D. Shepanski

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